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The New Birth of Cool

One day it hit us like a ton of bricks: Where the heck’s the swing, pally?  The free-wheeling, finger-snapping sounds of the Rat Pack days – gone?

We weren’t having it.

Featuring some of the hottest players from Washington DC’s Bohemian Caverns Jazz Orchestra, the music of The Swing Set with Alex Cook is a reminder that sometimes your best threads, a cold cocktail and a hot date is just what the doctor ordered.

Don’t have time for all that that?  Then just wrap your ears around The Swing Set with Alex Cook and soak in the cool.

It’s easy.  Just like it should be.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Introducing The Swing Set with Alex Cook:

Amy Bormet, piano, arranger

Brad Linde: Saxophone, music director

Alex Cook: Vocals


Brent Birckhead: Saxophone and flute

Brad Clements: Trumpet

Matt Dievendorf: Guitars

Larry Ferguson: Drums

Sarah Hughes: Saxophone

Jen Krupa: Trombone

Eliot Seppa: Bass